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Traditional One-On-One Tutoring

We built our reputation with One-On-One tutoring. Each student is matched with the best tutor for his or her specific needs. This is done after detailed discussions with the parents, learning about the student's personality, interests, as well as the subjects in which improvement is desired. When applicable, we also interface with any involved therapists and the school counselors and teachers. This holistic approach assures the best match of the tutor to student with the best possible results. Success is not based solely on academics, but one's improvement in self confidence and self-esteem. 


Remote One-On-One Tutoring

Tutorial Resources has been active with online learning for years working with students around the world. We have worked with student athletes, On Location Education for student actors, students living abroad studying for entrance to American institutions, as well as students traveling with their families. 

With the advent of Covid-19, we have built on our prior experience; all of our tutors are trained in virtual-tutoring via various online platforms, including Zoom, Skype, and Google Meets. 

Covid-Safe Tutoring

Where applicable and in special circumstances, we can still place a tutor for in-person, One-On-One sessions. For these meetings, we assign a tutor who has been tested for Covid-19 and has a negative result. For the safety of the tutor, we request that any parent meeting with the tutor and the student also be tested. Masks are worn at all times.


Test-Prep Classes

Tutorial Resources is well known for their Test-Prep Classes given within school settings for many years. These classes are done in groups for a set number of meetings per course.

Covid-19 has disrupted most of these entrance tests and as a result, our classes at the schools.  

One On One
Remote Tutoring
Safe Tutoring
Test Prep Safe Classes
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