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Dr. Leopoldo Llinas,

Tutor, Teacher, Parent

"Tutorial Resources took the time to get to know me, my teaching capabilities, and my personality. This enabled them to best match me with students to personalize their sessions. Even more so, Tutorial Resources consistently communicated with me to check in and review each student’s progress. Together, we created learning plans with the students, in collaboration with parents and teachers. Watching the students gain confidence and succeed at school gave me a real sense of gratification and pride.

Elle Macpherson,

Mum of 2 boys

"Junior year success, all 5’s on all 4 of his AP exams. My boys’ transitions from the European system wasn’t easy- but a wonderful path, thanks to the support provided by Tutorial Resources and their dynamic tutors throughout their middle and high school years.  Thank you TR for always providing the perfect match for my boys and their academic needs.

Danny Reynolds, Associate Head of School, 

Palmer Trinity

"Over the past two decades Tutorial Resources has been a valuable partner for us in test preparation for SAT, ACT and Subject Tests. Cheryl Trane has an innate ability to match the right tutor with a student to achieve the best results. In the majority of cases this preparation also carries over to positive results in other parts of a student’s academic work. This becomes an added benefit.

Amy Sayfie Zichella, 

Director of Admissions,

Ransom Everglades

"For more than 10 years, Tutorial Resources  has been our first choice for referrals. During my time here at Ransom Everglades  School, I have seen their customized individual plans literally change the course of students' academic futures. The leadership and expertise of the entire team is absolutely first-note. 

Dr. Joseph Feist, 

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Baker & Feist, PA

"With conscientious, capable leadership and a varied, competent, professional staff, Tutorial Resources has been an invaluable source of help. They have provided successful assistance to family members and clients alike, for more than 20 years. Tutoring help within a “Whole Child” context. “Cheerleaders” for academic excellence!


Mother of 2 boys

"Tutorial Resources has been there every step of the way for my boys and their academic needs, from the entrance exam (SSAT) to the support necessary in their core curriculum classes.    They have taken into account my children’s personalities and interests and matched the tutors academically as well as personally. Bravo!!

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